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"You don't have to become smaller so others can feel big enough."

Dalisia Coppersmith

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Ready to Start Your (R)evolution? 

Strong women have an outer REVOLUTION just waiting to be realized. But when others' resistance to your leadership gets in the way, it's time to focus on an inner EVOLUTION so you can overcome the resistance and conflict you're facing.

Transformational Mentorship for Assertive, High-Achieving Women


Coaching & Advocacy for Strong Women

Healing our world requires both men and women to see the roots of their own resistance to female leadership. This common, unconscious bias begins in our most basic family gatherings and carries into every aspect of our lives as adults.

The women I coach face it almost daily at work and at home. It isn’t enough to have a small number of women in leadership roles. We need their wisdom in every organization and every place in society.

My goal is simple, but daunting: to inspire leaders, organizations, communities, and families to embrace the talents and leadership of the very women whose wisdom and courage can transform our world.

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Our first priority is understanding the dynamics around strong women. Then we restore your peace and vitality so you can show up as your authentic self again!

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Next, we transform your key relationships by building trust and mutual understanding so you can overcome resistance and prevent conflict.

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Finally, we implement the purpose-fulfilling, legacy building goals that will bring your gifts to the world in places that you care most about changing.

Meet Your Lead Coach...

Dalisia Coppersmith


Welcome to Strong Women Rising! I’m a speaker, executive coach, and author with a passion for helping assertive, high-achieving women return to their unique power and impact in our world.

I understand your drive, your relentless work ethic, and the labels that others place on you that result in conflict and resistance. Silencing happens slowly, quietly…and it results in too many talented women leaving organizations or partners who don’t understand or appreciate their gifts and potential.

Let’s end that dynamic and build the life and career you want!

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Our Mission is Advocacy & Mentorship for Strong Women


The world needs your voice
wherever you are—right now.

Human beings are smarter and more sophisticated than ever, yet we continue to struggle with serious problems such as global conflict, human trafficking, systemic racism, climate change, genocide, gun violence, and gender disparity…to name only a few.

Executives in every company and government agency worry that their leadership bench strength isn’t deep enough to handle the challenges their organizations face.

Yet in every corner of the world, we have muted more than half of our natural leaders—assertive, visionary women who could help us meet those challenges.


Adjust for others…
without losing your edge!

Even women who make incredible strides in their self-awareness and interpersonal skills are not immune. I support women’s personal and professional growth as they navigate life as “strong” women, where no amount of adjusting for others ever seems to be enough.

We also work to educate organizations and communities about hard-wired expectations and toxic responses that silence millions of women in every walk of life. If a company or a community can catch itself before it loses another natural leader, everyone wins.


End the Hero-to-Villain Cycle!

When the world constantly tells us we too outspoken, direct, driven, etc., we start to believe it! We begin apologizing for ourselves, bending and changing for others to earn their acceptance…and it’s never enough. What results is a diminished sense of who we are and depletion of our joy and energy.

I've felt all of these things before and I'm sure you have too. Let's get you back on the track you were meant to be on--being a change maker and powerful leader in your organization. Let's end the hero-to-villain cycle for good!

Featured Blog Posts

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How to Spot Maternal Triangulation

A few months ago, I wrote an eBook called What Your Team Isn’t Telling You. In it, I covered five secrets behind the whisper campaigns that assertive women face sooner or later in their careers. Much of this can be traced back to a family dynamic that I call maternal triangulation.

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Paternal Approval Seeking at Work

Vying for the approval of men at work can disrupt whole organizations. Compare the response to a new male boss versus a new female boss. We might greet a new woman boss pleasantly, but many shift into "we'll see how she does" attitudes. Watch for it next time there’s a leadership change at work.



”I’ve never had the words for what I was experiencing. You’ve given me the language to explain it to others and ask for what I need.”

Executive Coaching Client

“The tools I learned were invaluable. I learned how to have difficult open/honest conversations without defensiveness.”

Audience Member

“It’s been a life changing experience. I feel more comfortable tackling personal challenges, within myself or with my direct reports.”

Mentorship Client

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