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Dalisia Coppersmith 

Founder | Executive Coach | Diversity Speaker |

So pleased to meet you! I founded the Strong Women Rising Collective to dissolve unconscious resistance to wormen's leadership and to elevate inclusive leaders and organizations. I’m a speaker, executive coach, and author with a passion for helping assertive, high-achieving women return to their unique power and impact in our world.

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How I got here

Perhaps like you, I’ve always been the strong one in the bunch, wherever I landed–whether in a classroom, in the military, in relationships, or in my career. I spent decades learning to soften and adjust for others–to the point of almost losing my true self.

I chose to stop that spiral and regain my unique identity by exploring the roots of resistance to female leadership and sharing how we can overcome it to change our world for the better. My work clarifies what’s really going on behind people’s labels and isolation of assertive women who lead.

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I’m also a wife, mother, veteran, and adoring dog mom who loves trekking across the Mojave Desert with a good podcast that expands my heart and my mind. 

Why I care 

Every global and local crisis could be solved by restoring women to their rightful place of co-leadership in our world. Confident women leaders must be allowed to lead without the social hurdles of resistance and conflict.   

When the world tells us we are too outspoken, direct, driven, etc., we begin apologizing for ourselves, changing for others to earn their acceptance…and it’s never enough. Women leaders must overcome this cycle and change our world for the better!

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The Strong Women Rising Collective is our signature six-month, immersive leadership journey that includes both small group and 1:1 coaching and mentorship. You'll navigate life-changing experiences and form friendships that will last a lifetime as we zero in on a strategy for achieving your legacy-building goals.

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How it works in The Collective

Our first priority is understanding the dynamics around strong women. Then we restore your peace and vitality so you can show up as your authentic self again!

Next, we transform your most important relationships by building trust and mutual understanding so you can overcome resistance and prevent conflict.

Finally, we identify the purpose-fulfilling, legacy building goals that will bring your gifts to the world in places that you care most about changing for the better.

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